Carl Richards Lessons From Deep Thinking About Financial Planning, Wealth Management and Working With Clients

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Last Updated on April 6, 2023 by John Prendergast

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In This Episode

This is a fascinating conversational journey that ranges from using Michael Kitces as a verb to leveraging deep empathy and the “righteous tricks” to help clients. Carl Richards shares some of his deep thinking about real financial planning, wealth management and working with human beings and their money to help them accomplish what’s important to them.

Core Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Making the abstract concrete
  • Words (and shared meaning) matter – the different meanings of Exposure
  • Deep empathy and the “righteous tricks” to help clients
  • Money, meaning and real financial planning (aligning your use of capital with what’s important to you)
  • Humans and their money are a complex adaptive system so goal clarification happens overtime as the system adapts and change
  • You could “Michael Kitces” your way to it (deep analysis)
  • Compound “influence” 

Additional Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • Behavior Gap – This is Carl’s business and the jumping off point for “all things Carl Richards”
  • Behavior Gap Radio – This is Carl’s daily podcast where he practices his concept of “compound influence”.
  • The Society of Advice – Here there be dragons.
  • “Wanting” by Luke Burgis – Carl mentioned this book as a resource for financial advisors to gain a deeper understanding of what clients really want.
  • Larry Swedroe – Carl mentioned how Larry wrote books to share stories about his investment process and philosophies as a little marketing hack.


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