Advisors vs. Brokers. Who wins? [Infographic]

As an investor, I’m sure you are faced with 100’s of decisions on where to get your investment advice. Here’s a nice breakdown between advisors and brokers that can help steer your decision making process. Advisors take note on the differences between you and brokers. This will help you understand your niche clients and the role you play in their decision.…

Advisors Train your Social Media Team

Advisors now that you’ve gotten your social media routine down. It’s time to train your employees. Who knows your product better than you? Your employees. Does your employee fall into the category of the digital native or the digital newbie? This infographic will help you train your employees to handle social media according to their skill sets and how to advance them:

Permission to Experiment Fearlessly? Granted.

Permission to Experiment Fearlessly? Granted.

Have you ever wondered why it takes you so long to do some of the things on your to-do list? You know, those new ideas that you think could radically improve your business?

You probably think that you don’t have time. I think you struggle with courage. I know I do. See, as humans we fear failure.…

"Nathan Gehring"

You Can Find This Advisor On Google+, Sorry Twitter (Facebook, You Suck)

Nathan GehringEditor’s Note: Nathan is an Associate Planner at KeatsConnelly, the largest cross-border wealth management firm in North America that specializes in helping Canadians and Americans realize their dream of a cross-border lifestyle. Nathan has been an active participant in the financial advisor social media community for several years and loves meeting other like-minded advisors virtually. Circle him on Google+ and, if you must, follow him on Twitter @nathangehring.
What Dolly Parton Can Teach Advisors About Marketing

What Dolly Parton Can Teach Advisors About Marketing

“Figure out who you are, and then do it on purpose.”

Dolly Parton is a brash, blonde, busty, broad from the boondocks. She’s also a business genius worth nearly $500 million. Whoa, how’d that happen.

It’s no accident. See, she had a simple insight that eludes most advisors and even most profesional marketers. Success comes from being who you are, only more.…

Be a Linkedin Ninja

Be a Linkedin Ninja

To be a true #BLNation Ninja you must master weapons large and small. Their effectiveness lies not in their size but in your skill.

The Shuriken

Shuriken - Throwing Star

#BLNation Ninjas approach Linkedin with the Shuriken method. Shuriken literally means the sword hidden in the hand. You may know them as throwing stars. Shurikenjutsu is the art of using the Shuriken in battle.…

Google Blueleaf

Hey Advisor: You’ve been Googled. Did you pass?

What are some of the first things you do after meeting someone you might do business with? Chances are if you’re like most people these days you’ve gone home, thought about your conversation, and Googled them. Yes, I said it. Googled.

And your prospective clients are doing it too. For most business websites, the traffic from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pales in comparison to traffic from a “brand search” where someone knows your name.…

Trust Fall: What Do You REALLY Know About Client Trust?

Trust Fall: What Do You REALLY Know About Client Trust?

Why do your clients trust you? How can you can tell?

The chances are that your clients trust you. They told you intimate details about their lives that they share with very few people and they gave you their money, after all.

But what do you REALLY know about how they came to trust you? How have their feelings changed over time and how much do they actually trust you right now?…

"Startups Logos"

Startup Marketing Secrets For Advisors – Part 1

The Marketing Secret That Startups (& Advisors) Use to Beat The Big Boys

What do all BIG companies have in common? Money. Money that they can put towards their marketing budget, with which they buy fancy advertisements on buses, billboards, televisions, radios and mobile phones. The e-Trade baby anyone?

We entrepreneurs (yep, advisors are entrepreneurs) don’t have big budgets.…

Feeling Lost In Social Media?

You’re leaving on a long road trip. You’ve checked and double-checked everything – the car, the kids, the pets – check, check, check. You’re a little uneasy but you leave anyway, got to get a move on.

An hour or two into the trip it hits you: You have no idea where you’re going. You forgot the directions.…