Jason Williams

7 Terms Advisors Use That Make Clients Go “Huh?”

You speak. Clients nod.

Sometimes they nod with a twinkle in their eye, thinking “Wow, it all makes perfect sense. I feel great about this.”

Sometimes they nod with a blank stare and polite smile, wondering “What the heck does THAT mean…”

Don’t leave your clients in the dark. Here are 7 financial terms you use, but clients actually don’t understand, and how to rethink each one.…

3 Elements of Highly Effective Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings continue to gain widespread popularity among financial advisors as a proxy for face-to-face meetings and a way to expand geographical reach. It’s a powerful shift. The ability to meet with clients virtually means the ability to serve clients from anywhere. (Tweet this.)

As with any new strategy, virtual meetings come with their own set of questions around “how to do it right”.…

Bernie Clark Calls on RIAs to Embrace New Technology

“Think beyond the demands of now, remove the distractions and act with the future in mind.”

This was the idea championed by Schwab’s Bernie Clark in last month’s IMPACT conference.

Besides the regular PR mumbo jumbo in his speech, Bernie encouraged RIAs to embrace new technology in the increasingly competitive landscape. He laid out several areas where RIAs could improve and differentiate themselves from the rest… Among them: connecting with clients, making technology a differentiator, and going paperless.…

Bill Gross Suggests Our Flaws Instill a Sense of Trust

Bill Gross, founder of PIMCO, is widely regarded as a trusted voice on the bond market. He’s part of a league of legendary investors that all financial advisors aspire to be. Question is, what can financial advisors do to experience success like Bill Gross? What should advisors learn from the way he does business?

“The Gross Recipe”

Propinquity Advisors recently wrote this post about Bill Gross and what makes him successful.…

The Software Opportunity Missed by 93% of Advisors

Endemic problem, or missed opportunity?

Advisors need software. It allows you to service your clients in new and exciting ways. Over the years, you have built your own technology toolkit to help you guide clients to a brighter financial future. Portfolio monitoring, account aggregation and CRM software are all tools in your toolkit.

Whilst the individual tools are high quality, a problem arises when you try to use them together.…

Why Your Next Client Will Demand “On-Demand”

On Demand

Twitter has exploded over the past couple of years. If you’re not using it, chances are you’ve heard a lot about it. But what’s so fascinating about a stream of short 140-character posts? Think about it- Twitter’s advantage is its ability to deliver up-to-the-minute and on-demand information. Major corporations and personalities now use this platform to effectively communicate with their “followers”.…