Are you or your team feeling a little stagnant?


Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

Are you or your team feeling a little stagnant?

Team of 1 or 100, no learning (3-step fix)

→ People are stuck.
→ They aren’t getting better.
→ They seem ok but they’re restless.

→ No budget or time for formal training.
→ No one says anything.
→ But you know it.

There is so much to learn in an advisory business.

→ Pay at alternatives keeps going up.
→ Good remote options are everywhere.
→ It’s a matter of time when the best will leave.

→ Or it’s just you and you feel the same way.
→ You can’t walk away from your calling.
→ And just switch jobs.

So how do help your team (of 1) learn when you’re not a trainer?

→ At Blueleaf we’ve got an answer.
→ One that we could incorporate day to day.
→ Like you, we fretted about developing people.

→ I did this for myself when I was building the biz alone.
→ I took the idea to my team when they needed more.
→ It was the one thing that worked for us.

The beauty of it is that ANYONE can do it. It takes just 3 simple steps.

We do a management book club.
1. We pick a book once a month.
2. And discuss it as a team.
3. And apply it to work.

Now we learn and grow together every month.

→ If someone new joins the management team,
→ We loop back on our core books that are
→ Our foundation for management.

Everyone stays on the same page. No one is stagnant.

We’ve done over 100 books together now.
Our core books are:
1. High Output Management – Andy Grove
2. Extreme Ownership – Jocko Wilink & Leif Babin
3. 5th Discipline – Peter Senge
4. How to tell a story -The Moth
5. Lean Startup – Eric Ries
6. The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin
7. Designing The Obvious – Robert Hoekman Jr.

How do you develop yourself and your team?


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