Why Advisors Need to Use Adwords

Marketing. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot. From the classroom to the boardroom, it is apt to say that marketing is crucial within any business community, much less the financial advisory market.

The problem is that people think big adverts and expensive campaigns when it comes to marketing. But with the arrival of the internet comes new low cost yet effective methods that opens up the world of marketing to small businesses. 

Jeff Rose Financial Advisor Blog Good Financial Cents

Why You Should Start a Financial Advisor Blog and How to Do It

Jeff Rose on Financial Advisor Blogging Success

Have you heard of  Blueleaf Advisor Jeff Rose or his main blog Good Financial Cents?

If you haven’t of Jeff or his blog then you are probably one of the few.

The blog gets over 400,000 visitors per month and it is one on the leading personal finance websites in the United States.

In this post and video, Jeff Rose shares the secrets behind his success.…