Why Advisors Need To Adopt Hacker Culture


Are you a Hacker?

An individual capable of solving complex non-intuitive problems in a seemingly intuitive way. Hackers are self-motivated, and learn through experimentation and persistence, as opposed to through “traditional” means. – Excerpted from Urban Dictionary

“Hacker” is a loaded term with connotations ranging from rogue to criminal that began in the world of computers. However, the mental image always includes smart, savvy and fast in solving problems. As a result, the definition has broadened and is more about an approach to solving problems and getting stuff done.

About Getting Stuff Done

So it is from the original computer hackers that we get the more general term, “hack,” and with it, phrases like “think you can hack it?” “you’re a hack” and “life hack,” which is not-so-coincidentally one of my favorite blogs ever.

Here’s an example of a beautifully simple life hack – how to open a banana the right way:

Go home and try it for yourself! I promise, you’ll get a perfect split every time opening bananas from the “bottom.”

Hungry for more hacks? Try hacking your sleep if you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day. It takes commitment, but it works.

Now how about building a set of tricks and tips to move your financial advisory business forward faster and more simply than you thought possible? Enter …


You’ll notice we’ve started to collect interesting ways to make your business simpler under the heading (and hashtag) #AdvisorHack. As interesting as it may be for an advisor to be a computer whiz, these tips, shortcuts and ideas are about ways to simplify your life and business.

We want everyone is #BLNation to become an adept “hacker” – someone who isn’t afraid to experiment, quickly build things and always look for shortcuts – to create businesses that can grow quickly. We believe this is essential for advisors. Sure we’ll cover tech hacks, too, but there’s plenty of other stuff in your business that could use a hackers attitude and approach like free consultations or blog content or even your own trustworthiness.

It’s essentially the lean startup methodology but on a smaller scale, and, trust us, it’s always easier to start small.

#AdvisorHack is going to be big in 2012 – stay tuned.

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DJ is a freelance writer, hopeful photographer, and social media has-been. He writes to financial advisors about lifehacks, science, technology, business and marketing for Blueleaf, a software that helps create dramatically simpler, more scalable financial advisory businesses. You can find DJ across the web (about.me/djswitz) or you can just follow him on Twitter (@djswitz)!
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