Why Advisors Need to Use Adwords

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Marketing. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot. From the classroom to the boardroom, it is apt to say that marketing is crucial within any business community, much less the financial advisory market.

The problem is that people think big adverts and expensive campaigns when it comes to marketing. But with the arrival of the internet comes new low cost yet effective methods that opens up the world of marketing to small businesses. 

This means that even independant advisors can now engage in a widespread marketing campaign.

Now there are many options for online advertising, but few match the reach and engagement that Google Adwords does. With its intuitive platform, all inclusive nature, and massive built in user system, it is the ideal option for the internet marketing beginner.

So Why Adwords?

  • Integrated target audience

As mentioned, the sheer size of its audience is a huge draw. Google’s search engine is the most viewed website in the world, with over 3.5 billion searches per day, with demographics of various kinds and locations gathering in one place. This makes marketing on Google, or at least making yourself searchable, a no-brainer.

  • Proven higher levels of audience engagement

Google has built up an encompassing environment for web users to enter and use, and with the high level of customization available, you can seamlessly integrate into that environment and connect with your audience.

In fact, just last year Google released its new “engagement ads”, ads that through self service design and management, is claimed to produce 10x more engagement than previous ads. This just means more control and more involvement to get more results out of the money you are already spending.

  • Built for smaller businesses

One of the more groundbreaking things about Adwords is that it is meant to cater to small business owners looking to get into online marketing for the first time. Its interface is clean, simple, and straightforward in its reporting, which eases up the learning curve.

If you are still having trouble using or understanding Adwords, they have a Youtube channel that shows tutorials, guidelines, and testimonials that will help you use and understand what to do. 

In other words, you do not have to be an expert in the realms of marketing or tech to have success with this channel of influence, for as long as you know who your customer is and what they want, you can easily reach them.

  • Faster than SEO

Yes, SEO (search engine optimization) is important, but it can take months to see results. Some even believe that newer websites are filtered out and pushed back. Therefore, it may be necessary to use Adwords to get ahead in the ever competitive race to the top of the search results page.

Another reason why it produces faster results is because it provides detailed information on what words work and what doesn’t. You get immediate impressions on your marketing campaign, and Google even offers other search word options that not only make your ads more enticing to click on, but boosts your searchability as well.

The Flexibility of Adwords

By this point, you get the idea that Adwords works through its easy use and versatile appeal. But what aspects of that appeal can you control exactly?

  • Control over which audience to target and geographic targets

It’s especially important to make sure that your target audience can see your ads to begin with, particularly in a pay-per-click basis. You don’t want someone who doesn’t need your product/service to click and then just leave.

Thankfully, Google allows you to narrow down who sees your ads from a variety of parameters: by age, gender, most frequent searches, country/region, and the usual sites they visit. Use this flexibility to choose the audience you know will respond.

  • Control over when your ads run vs when they don’t

Another element you can control is when to start/stop your ads. This ensures that when you are not tending to your business, you are not paying money. 

This comes in especially handy if you are leaving for a vacation or you are closing your store for a renovation, and thus cannot tend to your customer’s needs. You can fire your ad(s) back up again once you’re done with your matters.

  • You can change your ads at any time

Should you ever feel that your advertisement isn’t good enough, or perhaps you made a mistake when you posted it, you have the ability to make changes and edit it whenever you want.

This eases the pressure when it comes to writing the ads, and also gives you the freedom to make on-the-minute changes based on the ad’s performance, optimizing what you get out of the time and money invested.

  • Available pay per click option- only charges when the consumer clicks on the ad

Pay-per-click is great because is a completely performance-based form of charging: you only pay for the clicks you get. This is particularly beneficial for ads that reap less-than-fruitful returns, as you spend less money on things that don’t work. 

A noticeable downside to this however, is that things can get expensive when the rates per click start going up. Google bases the rates for each click on how much traffic the keywords get, which means that commonly searched words can get pricy to place in your ads.

  • All transaction and clicks are tracked within the account

One of the things that contributes to Adword’s user friendly nature is how all the necessary tools to run your campaign is consolidated into the platform. From keyword research to metrics on every minute detail regarding your ad campaign, all the necessary tools are available without unnecessary clutter.

That being said, it’s not a monitor on the industry in general. It is your part to constantly stay up-to-date with the norms in your profession, and know what things to target in order to select the right keywords.

So at this point you are probably interested with building a campaign with Adwords, or at least with dabbling with an advertisement or two. To help you getting started in the right direction, we put together a little guide to help with set up and use with your Adwords account. Click the link below to continue on your advertising journey.