What’s Wrong with My Blog? – Tackle These Common Mistakes

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You wish your blog was kick-ass.blog1

You see stuff written by other folks in the industry and wonder “How’d they learn to do that?” You work hard at your own blog, but still feel like it’s not making the cut. You want to get more views, more LinkedIn shares, and more emails from prospects.

How can you get people excited about your blog?

It’s time to make your blog writing worth reading, because you don’t want your time spent on this project to be wasted. It’s an awesome way to showcase who you are and how you’re serving your clients. Plus, consistently putting out content can help you grow a trusted network.

Let’s look at some common problems.

The title of your post is boring people right off the bat.

Most people get stuck writing blog titles that are too long, too boring, too complicated.

Make sure that your titles is both relevant and eye-catching. It needs to be better than the average headline, or it will be passed over.

Write the title of the post whenever you want, but be sure to go back to it and refine it after the content is written. It’s possible your blog may morph into something other than whatever your original headline suggests.

Also remember – many readers will find your blog because of the keywords they search. Align your title to the keywords your potential visitor might be searching. You want to help them navigate to you.

Once they’ve found you, it’s the title that will attract someone to your post. Hopefully they’ll be reeled in further by the content of your writing, and continue to come back.

You’re not writing about topics that your readers care about.

People love when you help them ease their frustrations through helpful tips and teach them about things that are relevant to them. Any one topic can be written about in a variety ways – which way will be the most helpful to your target audience?

(If you need title inspiration, check out a recent blog post of ours – we’ve got 501 potential blog topics for you!)

Think about the theme of your blog. Every piece of content you add to your blog should serve a purpose. Whether it tells a story, entertains, or causes the reader to think about something differently, it benefits them in some way.

Your writing sounds like a robot.

If your posts have no voice, and are completely void of personality, they are a bore to read. The language should be clear and jargon-free in order to make your blog appear as personal as possible.

Make your posts more conversational. Address the reader directly, and write in the same way you talk in real life. Eliminate formalities, and read your writing out loud to see that it sounds natural. The more you seem like a real, human person, the more readers can become attached to your personality. They’ll feel as if they’ve built a relationship with you just because they have been keeping up with your blog.

Your blog layout is hard to look at.

Break up your paragraphs into much smaller bites. Cut up your post into lists or sections. Remember to be helpful to your reader, and help them navigate through your blog. Bold or italicize key information to make it pop. Use headers, subheaders, bullets or numbered lists to guide them through the text. Use related images to keep them entertained and connected with the text.

Also, when you’re proofreading your post, know to tell when you’ve started to ramble or over explain. If you can cut down on a section to make the explanation easier and more succinct, your readers will be grateful.

You don’t post often enough.

Think about it – people wouldn’t be on Facebook so often if their newsfeed wasn’t constantly updating. When people know your blog will be regularly updating, they’re more apt to visit it more often. They know you’re active.

Beware of the trap of posting too often about the same topic, though. Posting 2-4 times a week is usually pretty safe to start, but you want to make sure you cover a variety of topics. This way, 1 out of 5 is bound to be relevant to a person who follows you.

Nobody knows your blog exists.

It’s awfully hard to go to a webpage you don’t know exists. Don’t sit in a corner of the internet waiting for people to come to you. You’ve got to find some of them.

Promote your blog through your contact with clients, and through networking on social media. Post about your blog on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Contact other blogs similar to yours, and offer to guest post for free to add to your visibility. After a while, word of mouth will help promote your blog, but you’ve got to start to get the ball rolling yourself!

Consider a few of these things in your next few blog posts. The more you keep at it, the more confident you’ll become with it over time!

Corinne is an emerging expert on social media-based communication, with a BA in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. Content Manager at Blueleaf, Corinne enjoys organizing content in the cleanest and most elegant way possible. Outside of Blueleaf offices, she can be found performing in comedy, on the elliptical at the gym, or trying to conquer the latest video game. Connect with her on Twitter @CorinneDeCost.