Weekly Link Round-up for September 3, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we posted a number of articles on personal finance, investing, and trends in the American economy. My personal favorite this week is “How Personal Finance Changes As You Begin To See Success” from The Simple Dollar. It highlights that when you transition from being concerned about your finances to carefully managing them, you stop worrying about money and begin using it as a tool.

Is The McMansion Dead? – Darwin’s Finance

The Pros and Cons Of Being Self-Employed – Brip Blap

Hedge Funds Lag The Simplest Portfolios – Monevator

Equities: The Shift From Active To Passive – Felix Salmon

Yes, You Will Get Social Security – Get Rich Slowly

Bankruptcy: America Is Filing Like Its 1999! – Good Financial Cents

5 Easily Avoidable Financial Mistakes Young People Make – Green Panda Treehouse

Is Low Wage China Disappearing? – Project Syndicate

Planning To Rollover Your 401(k) Into An IRA? – The Digetari Life

The Downside Of Owning REITs – Million Dollar Journey

Paying Taxes On Earned Income – Consumer Boomer

Money Mistakes That Mostly Women Make – Moneyning

Would You Rather Do What You Love Or Be Paid More? – Financial Highway

New York Lowers 529 Plan Fees – NYT Bucks

Can The Obama Administration’s New Stimulus Plan Revive The Housing Market? – Money Morning

How Increased Immigration Would Help Fix The Economy – Felix Salmon

How Personal Finance Changes As You Begin To See Success – The Simple Dollar

It’s Still A Good Idea To Buy A House In This Economy – Free From Broke

Getting Rich Over Time – Money Crush

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