Weekly Link Round-up for September 10, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf, we linked you to a really funny (but super educational) book review of “The Skinny On Real Estate Investing” by Jim Randel, complete with cartoons, stick figures, and text bubbles. If your interested in a light read for the weekend, this book, or actually more so its book review on Get Rich Slowly, is a great choice.

Check out our other links below. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day.

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Are Municipal Bonds The Next Bubble? – My Dollar Plan

Flexible Spending Accounts: Is A FSA Right For You? – Generation X Finance

What Percentage Of My Salary Should I Save For Retirement? – My Personal Finance Journey

Central Clearing and Systemic Risk – Baseline Scenario

Are Hedge Funds Abusing Bankruptcy? – Felix Salmon

What Is Deflation And Should You Be Concerned? – Good Financial Cents

Why Your Retirement Is Getting Riskier – Motley Fool

Fee-Only Financial Advisors Can Be Biased Too – Oblivious Investor

The Future Of Stock Market Investing? – Out Of Your Rut

What is A REIT And Should You Invest In Them? – Consumer Boomer

Five Things You Need To Know About The 401(k) – Studenomics

States With Ridiculously Low Unemployment And Why – The Daily Middle

Have a great weekend!

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