Weekly Link Round-up for October 8, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we posted a good few articles on taxes, which are a concern for investors overall (see “Managing Taxes In Taxable Accounts,”) this year in particular (see “How Much More Will 2011 Taxes Cost You,”) and perhaps even more so at Christmas time (see “How does Gift Tax Work?”)

Knowing how taxes work and learning how best to minimize them when growing wealth is an essential skill. Hope you enjoy the rest of our weekly link round-up below and have a great Columbus Day weekend!

Researching a Financial Advisor: Form ADV – Oblivious Investor

Financial Wisdom From “The Princess Bride” – Balance Junkie

How Much More Will 2011 Taxes Cost You – Money And Risk

Managing Taxes In Taxable Accounts – Free Money Finance

When You Shouldn’t Be Tight With Money – Green Panda Treehouse

The Government Does Have Something To Do With It – Baseline Scenario

Thoughts On The Macroeconomic Impact Of Goldman Sachs – Baseline Scenario

Should You Merge Finances With Your Spouse? – Cash Money Life

Planning Your Retirement Spending – Oblivious Investor

Making Money Is Easier Than Building Relationships – Financial Samurai

ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds – A New (Unexpected) Wrinkle – Wealth Pilgrim

What Every Renter Should Know – Generation X Finance

Are You A Long Tail Investor? – Oblivious Investor

De-coupling Back In Vogue As Emerging Economies Outshine The U.S. – Money Morning

Why China Is Unwilling To Revalue The Yuan – Baseline Scenario

Relationships And Money – Grand Money

The Index Investor’s Road Map For Avoiding Financial Hazards – Monevator

How Does The Gift Tax Work? – Five Cent Nickel

Short Vs. Long-Term Bonds – Five Cent Nickel


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