Weekly Link Round-up For October 29, 2010

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Happy Halloween Weekend!

This week on @blueleaf, we did what we do every week: we posted a few great articles on topics related to personal finance, financial legislation, and the economy. We also posted a few good commentaries from bloggers we like.

We hope you enjoy the weekly round-up below:

Cultural Underpinnings – Barel Karsan

Gender Wars: Men Women & Money – Devil in the Details

The Above and Below Average 529 Plans – Bucks

Preferred vs. Common Stocks – Million Dollar Journey

What Does An Allowance Pay For? – The Simple Dollar

Going From Two Incomes To One – Generation X Finance

When Does It Make Sense To Buy An Immediate Annuity – Consumer Boomer

How Does Your Net Worth Compare – Consumer Boomer

Beyond Crazy – Baseline Scenario

Shape-Shifting Deficit Hawks – Baseline Scenario

How To Buy Foreign Government Bonds – Bargaineering

Will QE2 Sail Into A Better Economy? – Kudlow’s Money Politics

The Top Five Movies About Money – Sweating The Big Stuff

The Power Of Investing In Tax-Deferred Accounts – Spruce Up Your Finances

The Pros and Cons Of Buying Newly Built Homes – Spruce Up Your Finances

CFA Exam Pointers – Good Financial Cents

Why Job Performance is Mostly Unrelated To Job Security – 20 Something Finance

We Were Dividends Before Dividends Were Cool – Dividends Value

Fighting Investment Risk Aversion – Modern Gal

Have a great weekend!

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