Weekly Link Round-up for October 15, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we included an article on the risks of target date funds, which on the surface seem like well thought-out investments: funds that adjust risk and portfolio allocation based on the year you plan to retire.

On that and more below. Enjoy.

Target Date Fund Risks – Oblivious Investor

Four Different Ways To Spend Money By Milton Friedman – Financial Samurai

How Elections Effect The Stock Market – Kiplinger

How To Build A CD Ladder For Maximizing Return – Consumer Boomer

What You Need To Know About Mutual Funds Settlements – Consumer Boomer

Still Very Much A Buyer’s Market In Housing – Peridot Capitalist

Housing Sector Holds Key To Economy – Kiplinger

The U.S. Is The Most Overworked Developed Nation – 20 Something Finance

Using Annuities To Reduce Risk – Oblivious Investor

Borrowing Money Is The Same As Buying Risk -Frugal Dad

Top Job Targets For Outsourcing – The Digetari Life

How To Use Your IRA To Fund A Small Business–And A Surprise – Wealth Pilgrim

Personal Finance Blog Network – Yakezie

Entrepreneurship Myths That Need To Be Killed – Money Crashers

Capital Preservation: TIPS and I-bonds – Cash Money Life

What I Learned After Meeting Mutual Fund Managers – Weakonomics

Rules For A Frugal Superpower – Project Syndicate

The Importance Of Correlation – Bad Money Advice

Why Online Banks Are Killing Big Banks – Studenomics

Buffet: Rushing Into Bonds “A Mistake” – Guru Investor

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