Weekly Link Round-up for October 1, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf, we included an article about a certain Warren Buffet quote. We know, we know, it’s cliche. But the “castles and moats” metaphor seems to be one that is repeated in plenty personal finance articles today, and, though a bit fantastical, perfectly good advice for any young investor (and old).

Enjoy our weekly link-round up below:

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TARP Bill Likely To Be A Fraction Of Initial Forecast – Investment News

How To Borrow From Your IRA. Should You? – Wealth Pilgrim

Understanding Happiness, Taxes, and Net Worth – Financial Samurai

Warren Buffet On Castles and Moats – 37 Signals

Including International Exposure In Your Investments – Intelligent Speculator

Gross: New Normal Is Real; Look Outside U.S. For Opportunities – Guru Investor

A Daily Personal Finance Routine – Go To Retirement

Rethinking Asset Allocation Correlation – Tough Money Love

Is The Recession Really Over? Economic Boom and Bust – Digetari Life

Why You Should Sometimes Keep Your Goals To Yourself – Ready To Be Rich

Bad Arguments Against Tax “Increases” – Baseline Scenario

Don’t Buy Stocks For The Wrong Reason – Motley Fool

After The Recession: What Next For The Fed? – Baseline Scenario

6 Reasons For Not Reinvesting Dividends – Money Smarts

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