Weekly Link Round-up for November 5, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we included a couple articles with somewhat strong – not politically, but rather pedagogically. Blueleaf as a company and as a team of people has a number of beliefs on which it is based. We believe you should invest in your retirement. We believe that you should make good financial choices. We believe that investment is not cryptic, but relatively simple. The list goes on.

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Enjoy the weekly link round-up below:

The Volker Rule Under Threat – Felix Salmon

Fannie, Freddie Overhaul Could Cost $685 Billion – Wall Street Journal

Americas Failing Monetary Policy – Felix Salmon

Reasons To Rent Instead Of Buy A Home – Christian PF

Creating Your Own Personal Liability Focused Portfolio – Go To Retirement

Five Things To Do Before Your Retire – The Daily Middle

The Only Thing More Dangerous Than Market Timing Is Failing To Engage In It – Out Of Your Rut

Simple Investing Is Better Investing – Oblivious Investor

What To Do If Your 401(k) Stinks – Oblivious Investor

Five Ways To Invest Without Buying Stocks – Free From Broke

Adding 5 Year TIPS To The Portfolio – Go To Retirement

The Secret To Replacing Your Income – Frugal Dad

You Can Still Lose Your Shirt Investing In Banks – Motley Fool

Making Money But Losing Value – Barel Karsan

Fed Hints At Potential QE2 – Bargaineering

Would You Put Your Retirement At Risk To Pay For Your Kid’s College? – Financial Highway

MBA Programs For Generation Earn – Money Smart Life

6 Tips To Negotiate Better And Save Money – Out Of Your Rut

Forms Of Business: LLC – Spruce Up Your Finances

Have a great weekend!

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John is the co-founder and CEO of Blueleaf and is an active startup advisor. He is also an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive. As part of 6 founding teams, he has led the product management, marketing, and finance functions. His background in banking and wealth management has shaped the vision for Blueleaf.
  • Ben November 6, 2010, 4:07 am

    Thanks for mentioning my post on MBA programs!