Weekly Link Round-Up For November 19, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we included a good few articles on quantitative easing by the Fed and the implications and politics surround this legislation. Choose from the articles below and get up to speed. Being familiar with the economic landscape is important for long term investors.

Hope you enjoy the weekly link round-up below and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Buffet On Why He Likes Stocks Over Bonds – And The Dangers of QE2 – Guru Investor

Five Things Your Don’t Know About Job Networking Groups – The Daily Middle

Income Distributions And Inequality In The United States – The Digetari Life

Four Bubbles That Have Yet To Burst – The Sun’s Financial Diary

No Rebound In 2011 – Money Morning

How Vanguard Calculates Historical Growth – Bargaineering

The Ireland Crisis And What It Means To The World – Darwin’s Finance

Bailout Economics – Felix Salmon

U.S. Consumers Squeezed By Inflation, Worry About Middle Class Pinch – Money Morning

Serving Conflicts And Empirics – Rortybomb

The Politics Of QE2 – Felix Salmon

The Rhetoric Of Tuition Inflation – Felix Salmon

More Advisors Try Hand At Running Mutual Funds – Investment News

What Is The Option Expiration Date? – Cash Money Life

International Bond Funds: Should You Own Them? – Oblivious Investor

Free Ride For Baby Boomers In Debt Commission Report? – Go To Retirement

Are Your Ready To Purchase A Home? – Green Panda Treehouse

Determining How Much You Need For Retirement – Spruce Up Your Finances

Have a great weekend!

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