Weekly Link Round-up for November 12, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we included articles on the basic principles of investing, including five things one should know before starting to invest, the types of investment risks out there,  and some information on spousal social security benefits.

My favorite article this week is Barel Karsan’s “Don’t Focus On Consumer Spending,” which argues that other metrics of the economy can perhaps be more revealing.

Types Of Investing Risks – Monevator

What Are Required Minimum Distributions? – Christian PF

Your Take: Should People Get Homes For Free? – Bargaineering

Grantham Says Theres Value In Cash – The Guru Investor

When Bankers Make Windfall Profits From The FDIC – Felix Salmon

Social Security Spousal Benefit Rules – Good Financial Cents

Five Things You Should Know Before You Start Investing – Cristian PF

Dividends – My Journal To Millions

Know When To Sell Your Investments – Green Panda Treehouse

Shopping For Fixed Immediate Annuities – Oblivious Investor

How Homeowners Beat Renters In A Down Housing Market – Bargaineering

Don’t Focus On Consumer Spending – Barel Karsan

Should Congress Extend Unemployment Benefits Again? – Darwin’s Finance

Did A Rising Savings Rate Kick-Start The Recession? – Reuters

Why Investors Fear Their Advisers – Investment News

Jury Still Out On Gridlock Effect On Economy – Investment News

Why And How To Establish And Emergency Fund – Accumulating Money

Surety Bonds Hold Finance Professionals Accountable – Accumulating Money

Investing For Near Term Goals – Oblivious Investor

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  • Moneymonk November 18, 2010, 3:38 pm

    Nice list! I love reading personal finance blogs daily