Weekly Link Round-Up For March 11, 2011

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This week on @blueleaf we linked some especially good articles from Barel Karsan and Money Morning below, and a number of other from blogs we recommend. We hope you enjoy the weekly link round-up below.

Is There A Future For Hydrogen? – David Anthony VC

Should You Borrow Against Your House To Buy Stocks? – Felix Salmon

“A Healthy Financial System Cannot Be Built On The Expectation Of Bailouts” – Baseline Scenario

What Is Form 6251: Alternative Minimum Tax – Bargaineering

Measuring A Client’s Financial Health – Investment News

Planning For Uneven Retirement Spending – Oblivious Investor

Anchoring That Overconfidence – Barel Karsan

Is Happiness Conservative? – Baseline Scenario

Is It A Good Idea For The Credit Market To Ease? – Free From Broke

Obama’s Tightrope – Project Syndicate

What Is Position Trading? – The Digetari Life

Should Obama Tap Strategic Oil Reserve? – Darwin’s Finance

Fed’s “Wealth Effect” Creation Will Drive The Bull Market And Keep Bears At Bay – Money Morning

The Financial Econometrics Of The Distribution Of Mutual Funds Performance – Rortybomb

More Firms Are Finally Hiring – Kiplinger

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