Weekly Link Round-Up For July 30, 2010

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This week on @blueleafcom, we included plenty of good reads for the weekend. One long article too: “The Estate Tax: Ninety Years And Counting,” which includes a history of the estate tax and the motivations behind it, directly from the IRS.

Why read it? Well, perhaps your investments all go incredibly well. And perhaps, as we hope, you do save enough to retire comfortably. That’s what we all want, isn’t it? And we don’t exactly hear anyone say, “I wish I was so rich I qualified for the estate tax.”¬† But we at blueleaf.com com want you to be prepared for success too, not just tragedy. Because, well, we want you to succeed. The estate tax is not as high as you may think if your financial planning all goes well throughout your lifetime.

My personal favorite this week is “Top Mistakes Young Families Make.”

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The Estate Tax: Ninety Years and Counting – IRS

Beware Of The Pitfalls Of Too Much Information – Kiplinger

Elusive Low Correlations – Seeking Alpha

How To Pick Stocks In The New Normal Economy – Money Morning

2011 Tax Brackets: What Will Change And How Should We Plan For It? – Oblivious Investor

10 Reasons Why We May Not See Anything Less Than A trillion Dollar Deficit For Decades To Come – End Of The American Dream

Different Types of Bankruptcy – Good Financial Cents

Indianomics – Project Syndicate

Smallest Tax Refund – My Journey To Millions

How To Avoid Investment Fraud: Don’t Be A “Madoff” Victim – The Digitari Life

Should I Walk Away From My Mortgage? – Frugal Dad

Top Mistakes Young Families Make – Bible Money Matters

Is A Graduate Degree Worthwhile Or Worthless? – Consumerism Commentary

Dollar Cost Averaging Helps Eliminate Emotion and Market Risk – Free From Broke

Tax Benefits Of Homeownership- Three Reasons Its Overrated – Out Of Your Rut

Why You Should Keep Your Financial Advisor – Five Cent Nickel

Have a great weekend!

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