Weekly Link Round-Up For July 16, 2010

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We’ve been really well-behaved, just like this kid. No joke links, no pranks. We’ve gotten down to business. The links below have awesome advice and novel ways to think about financial freedom and how to take control of your finances. Enjoy.

The Uses and Abuses of Economic Ideology – Project Syndicate

A Roosevelt Moment for American Banks – Project Syndicate

Four Fund Metrics That Hurt Your Returns – Amateur Asset Allocator

How Much Can I Afford For a House? – Wealth Pilgrim

Buffet Doesn’t See Double Dip – The Guru Investor

What Are The Leading Economic Indicators – Good Financial Cents

Bank Error In Your Favor? No Such Thing – Bargaineering

The New Doom – New York Observor

How Do You Define Financial Freedom? – Get Rich Slowly

What’s Going On With The Estate Tax? – Good Financial Cents

Are Big Banks Doomed? Look At These Survey Results – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Dear China: You’re Making Me Nervous… – Wall Street Oasis

The Economics of A College Degree – Reuters

The Maes & Macs; Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, Sally Mae – Bargaineering

Learn To Live With Conflicts of Interest – Bucks

Why Mortgage Rates Vary So Much – Bucks

Ignore Generic Financial Advice – Bucks

Calculating Real Estate Investor Return – Oblivious Investor

Coverdell Savings Account Tax Break Expiring – Bargaineering

The Myth That Risk Goes Away Over Time – Felix Salmon

Have a great weekend!

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John Prendergast is the co-founder and CEO of Blueleaf. He serves on the board of WiredTiger, a developer cloud optimized databases. He is also the founder and organizer of the Lean Startup Circle Boston. In addition to his decade and a half as an entrepreneur, John spent nearly a decade as an investment banker and financial advisor.