Weekly Link Round-Up For January 21, 2011

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This week on @blueleaf we posted a couple of great articles on the crisis in Europe and links to two interesting infographics by The Digetari Life. We hope you enjoy these articles and others in the weekly link round-up below.

Treasury’s Astonishing Statement On U.S. Default – Felix Salmon

Risky Growth Engines – Project Syndicate

Average American Family’s Finances (Infographic) – The Digetari Life

2011 Dividend Tax Rates – Consumer Boomer

Stocks Saying We’re Healing; Prices Saying Look Out – Kudlow’s Money Politics

Are You Responsible For Your Spouse’s Debt? – Moolanomy

Investing With The Herd – NYT Bucks

Remember To Comparison Shop Index Funds – Bargaineering

Study: College Students Aren’t Learning Basic Skills – Consumerism Commentary

Don’t Buy Index Annuities – Felix Salmon

Financial Advice From The Feds – Coming Soon? – Bank Of Dad

The Stock Market ‘Double Double’: A Reason For Optimism – Money For Life

Can Europe Be Saved? – NYT Magazine

Europe’s Challenge: Fostering Growth Amid Austerity – NYT Global Business

China’s Yuan Policy – Money Morning

Approach Your Finances With A Beginner’s Mindset – Five Cent Nickel

Only One Thing More Dangerous Than Market Timing Is Failing To Engage In It – Out Of Your Rut

Bush Tax Cuts Extension: What Are The Effects? (Infographic) – The Digetari Life

Why Low Interest Rates Are A Good Thing – Million Dollar Journey

AMT Tax Exemption – My Dollar Plan

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Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robdeman/ / CC BY-SA 2.o

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