Weekly Link Round-Up For Feburary 11, 2011

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This week on @blueleaf we included a few articles on relevant news stories, a few very opinionated pieces, and personal finance articles with good advice.

We hope you enjoy the weekly link round-up below.

For Pensions, ‘Absolute Return’ Strategies and Other Non-Core Investments Are Back In Style – Seeking Alpha

Tax-Smart Ways To Tap Your Nest Egg – Kiplinger Personal Finance

There’s Good And Bad Debt – Barel Karsan

So Many Boomers, So Little Savings – Go To Retirement

How Much Work Is Do It Yourself Investing? – Oblivious Investor

Hedging Strategies: Tight Trailing Stops And Index Funds – Money Morning

Chamber Of Commerce And The President Of GE Have A Plan To Restore Business Confidence And Create Jobs – Rortybomb

Investors Calm As Egypt Erupts – Investment News

What’s In A Bond Rating? – Good Financial Cents

Wall Street Should Bail Out The SEC – Wall Street Oasis

Mutual Funds Have It All Wrong – Barel Karsan

Investment Liquidity: Why It’s Good And How To Achieve It – Out Of Your Rut

Certificates Of Deposit Will Be Paying Higher Returns In Days To Come – Out Of Your Rut

The Five Best Countries To Retire To – The Sun’s Financial Diary

Why Egypt Matters To You And Your Money – 20’s Money

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