Weekly Link Round-Up For February 4, 2011

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This week on @blueleaf we included a group of articles on stocks: how to think about the stock market, when how the market is doing is relevant to your investing and when not, what does rebalancing mean, etc. We hope you enjoy the weekly link round-up below.

Three Takes On JP Morgan & Madoff – Felix Salmon

Egypt Protests Could Lead To $150 Oil – Money Morning

Unemployed Still Far More Likely To Drop Out Than To Find A Job – Rortybomb

The Debate Over GSE And The 30-Year Fixed Mortgage – Rortybomb

7 IRA Changes That You Must Know For 2011 – Good Financial Cents

SEC To Meld Searches For Advisor, Broker Info – Investment News

Cash Levels High Or Low? – Barel Karsan

The State Of The Union, Personal Finance Edition – Money Watch

Is Greece Riskier Than Egypt? – Motley Fool

Getting Richer Doesn’t Always Mean Earning More – Studenomics

Why Rebalancing Does Not Work In Stock Portfolios – Out Of Your Rut

2010 Was The Worst Year In Housing Ever, So Is Now The Time To Buy? – Out Of Your Rut

Stock Cycles Make It Hard To Walk The Buy-And-Hold Walk – Out Of Your Rut

Shareholders Rights: Do You Really Have Them? – Canadian Finance Blog

Yacktman Sees Shift To Higher Quality Stocks Coming – Guru Investor

The Triumph Of Davos – Felix Salmon

How To Profit From Obama’s New Clean Energy Challenge – Money Morning

My Most Libertarian Post Ever – Baseline Scenario

The Case For Ignoring The Stock Market – NYT Bucks

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