Weekly Link Round-Up For February 18, 2011

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This week on @blueleaf we includes a couple of great articles from Project Syndicate, Felix Salmon, and Rortybomb. We hope you enjoy the weekly link round-up below.

Wall Street Billion Dollar Madoff Tax – Felix Salmon

How Unemployment Is Dropping: Welcome Future “Marginally Attached To The Labor Force” Workers To Our Economy – Rortybomb

Empirical Evidence About How The Foreclosure Crisis Is Impacting The Economy – Rortybomb

Unsettling America – Project Syndicate

The Green Shoots Of The Green Economy – Project Syndicate

New Mutual Funds For Fighting Inflation – Go To Retirement

Ten Ways To Stop Inflation From Destroying Your Wealth – Monevator

Art As An Investable Asset Class – Felix Salmon

What The Decline Of Stocks Means To You – Felix Salmon

What Do You Think Of President Obama’s Budget Proposal? – Money Morning

Bad Data – Baseline Scenario

Total Bond Market Fund Versus U.S. Treasury Bonds – Oblivious Investor

Warren Buffet Speaks Out About The Financial Crisis – Motley Fool

Dividends: A Macro Look At Yields, Past And Future – Seeking Alpha

What’s Cool Around The Web – Green Panda Treehouse

Have a great weekend!

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