Weekly Link Round-Up for December 31, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we posted a number of articles which can be found in the weekly round-up below.  One that particularly strikes me as compelling and meaningful is “The Dark Side Of Early Retirement” by Financial Samurai. It gives a number of reasons why retiring early may not be such a good, not to mention, safe idea. This is counter-intuitive, as early retirement is often seen as a goal for many successful people.  Reading articles that help reorganize your goals and passions is at times more valuable that those that can help you get a quick financial edge.

Enjoy the weekly link round-up below.

What is Financial Independence? – Consumerism Commentary

The Dark Side Of Early Retirement – Financial Samurai

Average Income Not Always Relevant – Barel Karsan

Behind The Competative Advantage – Barel Karsan

5 Easy Tips For New Investors – Green Panda Treehouse

Why Can’t Europe Avoid Another Crisis? Why Can’t The U.S.? – Baseline Scenario

How To Use Options To Protect Your Profits – And Play For More – Money Morning

Reuters Bad Arguments On Structural Unemployment, America As Sick Man – Rortybomb

The Low-Risk Way To Ride The Rally – Motley Fool

Do REITs Belong In Your Portfolio? – Oblivious Investor

Washington Makes No Sense On Penny – Kiplinger

What If Long Term Capital Gains Were Taxed As Ordinary Income? – Bargaineering

Lessons From Japan’s Financial Disaster – Felix Salmon

Dividend Mutual Funds – PT Money

Cleaning Up Roth IRA Confusion – Get Rich Slowly

Explaining The Crisis With Dogma – NY Times

Have a great weekend!

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