Weekly Link Round-up For December 3, 2010

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We hope that you enjoy the week round-up below in case you’ve been missing our daily handpicked favorites. This week on @blueleaf, we posted articles on a range of topics, including low-cost index funds, TARP, Obama’s federal wage freeze, new government legislation, QE2, 3rd quarter GDP, and personal finance.

There’s A New Standard In Low Cost International Funds – Amateur Asset Allocator

“Index Funds” Doesn’t Mean “Stocks” – Oblivious Investor

Proposed New Rules For Target Data Funds – NYT Bucks

TARP Making A Profit – Rortybomb

Working For A Salary – A Bad Deal? – Brip Blap

Why The Experts Don’t Tell The Truth About Stock Investing – Out Of Your Rut

Where Are You Investing Your Money Right Now? – Out Of Your Rut

Low Cost Index Trackers – Movevator

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act – Wikipedia

Obama On The Federal Wage Freeze – Rortybomb

Federal Government Two Year Pay Freeze Is A Miracle – Financial Samurai

Why I Sold Out Of My Actively Managed Mutual Fund –¬† My Personal Finance Journey

Opposing QE2 – Felix Salmon

Don’t Let The Third-Quarter GDP Revision Sour You On Stocks – Money Morning

Are Mid-Cap Stocks Set To Lead The Market Higher? – Money Morning

Why European Debt Defaults Are Necessary – Felix Salmon

The Economics And Politics Of Elizabeth Warren – Baseline Scenario

The Eurozone Endgame: Four Scenarios – Baseline Scenario

Best Investments For Retirement Income – Wealth Pilgrim

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