Weekly Link Round-Up For December 17, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we posted articles on recent legislation going through Congress and the possible impacts of this on you and your finances. We hope you enjoy the weekly link-roundup below.

Should You Use Separate Or Joint Accounts? – Kiplinger

Obama Set To Sign Tax Bill After The House Passes It – Bible Money Matters

Sin Taxes: Effectively Changing Bad Money Habits Or Purely Raising Money? – Personal Finance By The Book

Congress Passes Tax Hike Prevention Act – Consumerism Commentary

Advisors Fret Over Tax Plan’s Effect On Planning – Investment News

Analyst Advice – Barel Karsan

Nobody Wins With Tax Package – Money Morning

Health Mandate – Unconstitutional And Unnecessary – Devil In The Details

Baby Boomer Empty-Nesters Boost Spending, Not Saving – Go To Retirement

Social Security Retirement Benefit Is Mostly Gone – Go To Retirement

I Will Guarantee Your Treasury Bonds – Bad Money Advice

Should I Diversify Among Brokerage Firms? – Oblivious Investor

Dems Grouse Over Death Tax, But Obama Deal Likely To Fly – Investment News

The Moderate Republican Stimulus – Baseline Scenario

Obama Announces Deal On Taxes, Unemployment, Credits, and More – Darwin’s Finance

Distribution Rules For SEP IRAs – Good Financial Cents

Consumer Spending Does Not Create Jobs –¬† Buy Like Buffet

A Terrible Way To Fix The Economy: Households Leveraging Through Defaulting On Debt – Rortybomb

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