Weekly Link Round-up For December 10, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf, we included a good number of artices on taxes – tax advantages, tax politics, tax legislation, etc. I guess we can call this our “Tax Edition”. Anyhow, enjoy the articles below, and we hope you learn a lot because the year is ending and tax season is not too far away!

Annuity Payouts: Why Are They Higher Than Bond Rates? – Oblivious Investor

CPAs and Financial Planners – Cafe Tax

Separately Managed Accounts – A Terrible Alternative. Here’s Why – Wealth Pilgrim

Who Wanted What? – Baseline Scenario

What To Include In Your Passive Income Portfolio – Intelligent Speculator

Five Strategies To Reduce Risk – Kiplinger

What The Tax Deal Means For You – NYT Bucks

The Motley Fool Now Offering Mutual Funds – Consumerism Commentary

Quantifying The Second Stimulus – Felix Salmon

Should States Be Able To Go Bankrupt? – Felix Salmon

Chart Of The Day: California Taxes – Felix Salmon

What’s The Stimulus Of Extending Tax Cuts For The Rich? CBO: Not Much – Rortybomb

Tax Cuts Oprah-Style – Felix Salmon

Lessons Learned Selling House – Darwin’s Finance

Are Democrats Against A Middle Class Tax Cut Extension? – Financial Samurai

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