Weekly Link Round-Up For August 6, 2010

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This week on @blueleafcom, we have posted many introductory articles to investing: articles on tax refunds, on emergency funds, on cost reduction, on the traditional IRA, and on investment strategy for complete beginners.

We hope not only to help those who already know what they are doing (and would like to do it quicker, better, and more precisely), but also those who need a bit of hand-holding along the way. Our product has (and will very soon feature more) tools for people in both these categories, and the literature we select for you each week reflects just that.

Simplify your lifetime investments.

Some excellent weekend reading can be found below.

What Will Retirement Look Like For Younger Generations? – Frugal Dad

Got A Refund? 10 Ideas To Spend Your Tax Refund – Stupid Cents

The Feds Options To Jump-Start The Economy – Kiplinger

You Need An Emergency Fund: Expect The Unexpected – Moolanomy

How To Combine Finances For Couples – Consumerism Commentary

Guaranteed Annuity Income: Is It Really Safe? – Oblivious Investor

Low Interest Rates Do Not Make Homes Affordable – Wisebread

Senior Workers Outnumber Teenage Workers For The First Time – Financial Samurai

Retire At 70? Screw That With These Helpful Tips – Studenomics

Is A Liberal Arts Education Worth It? – The Digetari Life

Investment Strategy For Beginner Investors – Free From Broke

In Defense Of The Traditional IRA – Free From Broke

Account Hierarchy Priority Order – My Personal Finance Journey

Investment Basics: What Are Options And Futures – Provident Planning

Can’t Control The Markets? Try Controlling The Costs – Everything Finance

Is Financial Compatibility Important When Choosing A Life Partner? – Money Ning

Should You Overestimate Your Retirement Needs? – Pt Money

Fallacy of Other People’s Money – Fiscal Geek

Paying The Price: Time To Reassess How Fund Managers Are Rewarded – The Economist

Investors Should Be Cautious Of ‘Safe’ Funds – The Independent

Have a great weekend!

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