Weekly Link Round-up For August 27, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf we posted two articles on loving your career, “Love Or Money – Which Do You Work For?” and “Money Matters But Money Isn’t Everything.”

My viewpoint as a college student: The way I see it, if I don’t fall in love with my future career (or at least like it), I’ll have less money for retirement in the end. The more I will hate my career, the more I will spend on lavish vacations and conveniences to make my time away from work more fruitful. The more stressed out I will be. The more stressed out my family will be. The more I’ll spend on shopping, make-up, designer clothes, foot rubs, therapy, and who knows what else? Choosing wisely early on will be a good investment.

Below is a round-up of the articles we posted this week on @blueleaf. Enjoy!

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Love Or Money – Which Do You Work For? – Fiscal Geek

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Fiscal Austerity and “Third World America” – Baseline Scenario

TIPS Vs. Nominal Treasury Bonds – Oblivious Investor

The Tax Consequences Of Lucky Breaks – Bucks

What Makes The News? Not Accuracy! – Barel Karsan

How To Get Ahead Financially As A College Student – Grad Money Matters

Top Mistakes Young Families Make – Bible Money Matters

Thoughts About Marriage Roundup – Personal Finance By The Book

Money Matters But Money Isn’t Everything – Moneyning

Why Americans Can’t Afford To Die – Go Banking Rates

How Much Long Term Care Insurance Should You Have? – Go To Retirement

Trillion Dollar Public Pension Shortfall – Hope To Prosper

What You Need To Know About Stock Market Volatility – Consumer Boomer

Who Would Make The Best Use Of Billions – Bill Gates Or The US Govt? – Darwin’s Finance

How To Go Broke In The Market – The Motley Fool

Why Invest In Bonds? – Free From Broke

How Credit Unions Differ From Banks – Cash Money Life

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