Weekly Link Round-up For August 20, 2010

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This week on @blueleaf, we included a ton of great articles (including some videos and other postings) within our daily four handpicked favorites. An article that we are particularly fond of this week is an editorial in the New York Times that discusses how investing in low fee mutual funds provided the best returns in the past year. This article can be found in the first link below.

Investing Made Easy – If Only – NY Times

Calculating Net Worth: Should Home Values Be Included? – Frugal Dad

Should You Leave An Inheritance To Your Children? – Personal Finance By The Book

Retirement Plans: Help For Small Firms – Kiplinger

How Overconfidence Hurts Portfolio Performance – Kiplinger

Vanguard Expands Target Date Funds To Young Investors – Consumerism Commentary

Higher Education Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Level Of Wealth – Bible Money Matters

Why The Economy Is Not Relevant To Investing – Million Dollar Journey

Small Business Tax Deductions – Wealth Pilgrim

How To Set Your Child’s Allowance – Bucks

Building Up Savings Rates Is A Life Long Process – Five Cent Nickel

An Unhappy Birthday For Social Security – Kiplinger

The Fed Can’t Print Jobs – Kudlow’s Money Politics

Taking The Lump Sum Option On Your Pension – Good Financial Cents

Statistical Shocker: S&P 500 Performs Best When The Economy Is Shrinking – Peridot Capitalist

Why Won’t “Fiscal Hawks” Discuss The Real Issues? – Baseline Scenario

Avoid These Financial Products – Bargaineering

What Near Record Low Treasury Yield Means – Good Financial Cents

What Kind Of Insurance Do I Need To Have? – Smart On Money

CPI Shows Inflation May Be  A Bigger Problem Than The Fed Thinks It Is РMoney Morning

Funny Stock Symbols – My Journey To Millions

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