Weekly Link Round-Up For April 15, 2011

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Below are @blueleaf handpicked favorites bundled into a convenient round-up. We hope you enjoy the weekend reads.

Durbin, Dion, And Interchange – Felix Salmon

The Savers Dilemma – Consumerism Commentary

Alternative Investments On The Rise In Retail World – Investment News

Be Careful When Picking Mutual Funds Based On Its Name – My Journey To Millions

Could Goldman Sachs Fail? – Baseline Scenario

Who Wants A Voucher? – Baseline Scenario

BRIC Summit Deal Gets Brazil-China Relations Back On Track – Money Morning

Larry Summers Has Had Enough Financial Regulation – Felix Salmon

Homeowners In Denial – Felix Salmon

No Nukes? – Project Syndicate

Gasoline Driven Inflation Hike? -Kudlow’s Money Politics

The SEC Comes Round To Private Markets – Felix Salmon

Fair Shares – Felix Salmon

Working With A Financial Advisor: How To Plan For The First Date – Consumerism Commentary

The Wall Street Mind: Oblivious – New York Magazine

European Interest Rate Hike May Fortell Shift In Fed Policy – Money Morning

Macroeconomics After A Financial Crisis, INET Panel – Rortybomb

Have a great weekend!

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