Weekly Link Round-Up For April 1, 2011

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This week on @blueleaf we linked a number of great personal finance articles as well as a few good analytical and opinionated pieces from Money Morning. We hope you enjoy the weekly link round-up below.

S&P Peak Earnings? – Barel Karsan

How Much Interest Are You Paying? – Debt Free Adventure

When Should I Take Social Security Benefits? (Single Investor) – Oblivious Investor

Taxpayer Suggestions For Improving The I.R.S. – NYT Bucks

Taking Social Security Early And Investing The Money – Oblivious Investor

Convenient Arguments – Baseline Scenario

G.E. Is The Poster Child For Why The U.S. Must Revamp Its Income Tax System – Peridot Capitalist

The Final Four Ways To Invest In Global Demographic Trends – Money Morning

The Death Of “Dollar Carry Trade” – Money Morning

Stock Exchange Mergers: The Real Story – Money Morning

Why Spring Time House Sales Are Unreasonably Low – My Journey To Millions

The Simplest Way To Rebalance Your Portfolio – Monevator

The Rich Will Pay – Buttonwood

The 1994 Effect – Buttonwood

Study: Why Stocks Can Do Well In The Next Decade, Even If Growth Is Slow – Guru Investor

Prospects For An Economic Recovery Are Looking Bleak: Here’s Why – Personal Finance By The Book

Have a great weekend!

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