TDA Conference: I fought the cloud and the cloud won…

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Livin’ with my eyes closed, goin’ day to day
I never knew the difference, I never cared either way

– Pat Benatar, “All Fired Up” (1988)

Have you been fighting the transition to cloud-based technology? Do you think that server-based applications are the only way to guarantee security and compliance? You’re in the minority if you do. I took a few minutes this past Thursday to visit our fellow VEO approved vendors at the TD Ameritrade National Conference in San Diego and I was treated to a vision of the future.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the future is not in that box by the side of your desk. It’s in the cloud. And judging by my observations this week, financial advisors, even those formerly entrenched in the “traditional” philosophy that chained them to the box, are now starting to embrace the progressive direction the industry has taken. How do I know that? Cloud-based vendors were busy this week. Server-based applications providers? They spent a lot of time watching cloud presentations.

One long-standing friend and early adopter of Blueleaf told me that the “last land-locked piece” of his wealth management software configuration was being eliminated this month. I can’t tell you who the advisor was (Thanks B.) or which software he was talking about. That would not be P.C., but let’s just say he’s not the only one approaching us with concerns about this particular piece of software.

It all came together for me Friday night as John and I were rocking out to Pat Benatar. Our industry, so tormented by restraints placed upon us by those resistant to anything new and different, is finally coming around, opening it’s eyes at last to a better way of doing business. Financial advisors are no longer restricted to single, server-based applications that hold them hostage to stationary work spaces, proprietary licensing fees, and a lack of compatibility with other applications.

Our world is changing. TD Ameritrade and VEO are leading the way is this revolution. Blueleaf is on board. So are Money Guide Pro and Redtail. Are you? Isn’t it time you felt the freedom that the rest of the world has been enjoying for nearly a decade now? In San Diego this week, I found that the advisors using cloud-based solutions and tools that connect and work together via API are easy to spot. They’re the advisors who are smiling.

written by Kevin Flynn, Blueleaf Head Coach, while at the TD Ameritrade 2013 National Conference

Kevin is a Coach at Blueleaf and has been working in sales and marketing for nearly thirty years. His accomplishments include successful non-profit ventures, development of sales processes for start up firms and entrepreneurial projects, and numerous published articles on topics about internet marketing and content development.