Peyton Manning, Robo-Advisors, & How Sailing Can Win You Business – #Blueleafing Roundup

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This Week’s Blueleafing Roundup

Peyton Manning and Investing Success

PEYTON(via The Chicago Financial Planner) — How does financial advising relate to one of America’s favorite pastimes? Learn about how Peyton Manning became a financial superstar – in football terms – and discover how using the same mindset can help you become a better financial planner.

[Video] How Sailing Can Win You Business

(via Wall Street Journal) — Advisor David Edwards discusses one of his favorite hobbies and how it helped him to grow his business. This video addresses what he learned from this hobby, how it correlates to financial advising, and how a similar hobby can help your client get to know you in a non-sales environment.

Stop Talking and Start Listening

banner for #Blueleafing Roundup FINAL(via Advisor Perspectives) — In the world of financial advising, it’s crucial that advisors learn how to listen to their client’s needs. Advisor Dan Solin presents his advice on how to become a better listener and give your clients the attention they deserve.

Intuition: How to Cultivate Your Instincts as Part of Your Skill Set

(via The Glass Hammer) — #Blueleafing advisors know how to work with their instincts in order to become the best leaders they can be. How does your intuition make you a better advisor, and how can you strengthen it?

Clients Buy Benefits, Not Features

(via Practice Management Blog) — How have you been advertising your services to clients? Practice Management Blog suggests a very #Blueleafing practice – explaining to your potential clients the true benefits they receive from your relationship, and not just the labels the industry puts on them.

March of the Robots

(via The Research Puzzle) — We’ve talked about the robo-advisor before. What else are people saying about this phenomenon? This article looks towards what importance human advisors still hold in the world of financial advising.

Articles For Clients

Here are 4 articles for you to Tweet, email or otherwise share with clients.

     Why share content? Client engagement correlates with advisor growth.

How to Brace for the Cost of a Teen Driver (via USNews)

To Teach Kids About Money, Give it to Them (via Fox Business)

Retirement Fund Calculator (via CNN Money)

Five Financial Tips for Newlyweds (via Fidelity Viewpoints)

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