Perfectionist Advisors Can Finally “Get it Done” with MAT Model

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So you’re a perfectionist.

That’s good, right? Eh, sometimes.

Perfectionists tend to love numbers (think: investments, risk analysis, even billing calculations) and may even get some weird high from triple-checking their manual data entry work. But perfectionism is creative cryptonite (think: writing, emailing, branding).

I recently hosted a one-on-one marketing coaching session with PJ Wallin, a Blueleaf user and self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’ who’s trying to up his marketing game and grow his fee-only business.

If, like PJ,  you struggle a bit with marketing because your perfectionist brain stands in your way, it’s incredibly important to spend a good chunk of time tackling that roadblock. No matter how much marketing advice you get, tips you read, or plans you write out, they’re no good if you feel the perfectionist break pumping every time you go to DO your marketing stuff.

Get the perfectionist’s plan in just 23 minutes, below.  (After 23 minutes, we spend time applying the lesson directly to PJ’s business.) Enjoy!

0:25 PJ’s intro
1:30 The perfectionist’s fundamental challenge
4:14 Don’t confuse perfection with excellence
5:57 Build a process to defeat perfectionist behavior
7:38 Setup the right Trigger
11:09 Increase your marketing Ability via increased simplicity
16:05 What can perfectionists do in a creative process like marketing?
20:32 Identify what emotionally Motivates you (not “getting more clients”)
23:33 Direct coaching for PJ

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Carolyn is Blueleaf’s in-house marketing guru. She writes on The Blueleaf Blog to make advisors’ lives easier, offering practice management and client engagement tips where and when they’re useful. Outside of the Blueleaf offices, she can be found running a 10k or cooking her famous chili. Chat LIVE with Carolyn on Twitter @BlueleafAdvisor!