Here’s what the financial industry is REALLY checking on LinkedIn…

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LinkedIn is important.

Blah, blah.

Our industry talks about LinkedIn allllll the time. But what are REAL users doing with LinkedIn?

linkedin-groups-for-advisorsTurns out, real users find that LinkedIn groups are incredibly valuable. Groups have become a go-to platform for chatting with peers, learning new skills, staying relevant with specific news, and much more. Begs the question: What groups are the best??

This month I set out to find out what highly-active LinkedIn users in the financial services industry think about LinkedIn groups, and which groups are worth following.

The strategies they use are quite interesting. Here’s what they said…

Q: You’re a highly-active user…What LinkedIn group(s) do you find to be the most valuable? Who do you think would also benefit from it?

I like the Certified Financial Planner® Certificants of North America Group for chatting with other CFPs

Brian Gawthrop CFP Five Cedars Financial LinkedIn
My favorite LinkedIn groups are:

Certified Financial Planner® Certificants of North America: This is a great way to stay connected with your colleagues across the country. I’ve posed a tough case question several times to the group and have received quick and helpful responses.

Targeting Doctors (this is my target market): Vicki is my marketing coach and I love her prolific style. I can always get a new marketing idea, a fresh twist on an old idea, get re-energized to persevere through my marketing plan, or simply just know that I’m among those with the same mindset… all from this group.

Behavioural Finance & Financial Planning (BFFP): I think that what sets a great planner apart from a good planner isn’t the technical expertise. Instead, I think it is the softer side.

Brian Gawthrop, CFP, Five Cedars Financial

I like the Evidence-Based Advisors Group for targeted conversations about that topic

Wendy J. Cook Communications LinkedIn
“My two favorite LinkedIn groups are: Evidence-Based Advisors (which was formerly called “Passive Investment Professionals” until this summer) and Sensible Investing. Both are dedicated to advisers who espouse evidence-based investment philosophies [the type of RIA firms I work with], with the former being based here in the U.S. and the latter based in the U.K.

“It’s fascinating to see the global commonalities as well as some of the distinct differences that various world views from both groups bring to the table. For example, just last week, there was a Sensible Investing post from a fellow in South America who was bemoaning the fact that some of their hidden mutual fund fees can creep as high as 4 percent! We helped him know that there are advisers worldwide trying to prevent that sort of nonsense and to keep up the good fight in his country. LinkedIn truly does make it a small(er) world, after all.”

Wendy Cook, Founder Wendy J. Cook Communications, LLC

We like the RIA Marketplace Group for advisor-related news

Frank Donovan VP Business Dev Model Capital Management LinkedIn
“I find myself reading articles from the RIA Marketplace group the most. Seems to be one of the best concentrations of targeting advisor-related news on LinkedIn. We also post articles there when we write about our tactical investment strategies, and also Tactical Asset Allocation and Global Tactical Asset Allocation groups, which are for tactical asset allocation topics, which is what we do.”

Frank Donovan, VP Business Development, Model Capital Management, LLC

Chris Whatley RC Whately LinkedIn

RIA Marketplace is my favorite. They do a great job of following investment industry trends with timely pieces that relate to issues with the clients that we serve. Anyone who serves the investment advisory industry would be wise to follow RIA Marketplace.”

Chris Whatley, Chief Strategist at R.C. Whatley & Co

I like the Society for Human Resource Management Group for staying topical for my clients

Jose Sanchez Investment Advisor Retirement Wealth Advisors LinkedIn
“I would suggest that Financial professionals use LinkedIn Groups to understand what is important to their target client community.

I pay strong attention to the Society for Human Resource Management Group as I find that a first source of quality information regarding HRM (human resource management).

Before, I would feel like a bum that had little interest in anything outside of 401ks and investments. I was not trying to be, but I was a 401k Nerd with a self serving mindset. Today, I am much more interested in topics that resonate with my client community. I can diligently bring up “hot topics” that are important to them.”

Jose Sanchez, Investment Advisor, Retirement Wealth Advisors

I like the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Group to stay connected with local business owners

David Niggel Financial Advisor LinkedIn
“I regularly read the posts from my local chamber of commerce, The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I also try to provide timely information to the members as well. I feel that anyone with a local business should be connected and a member of their local chamber of commerce. They always have a variety of ways to stay connected to other members.”

David G Niggel, President & CEO, Key Wealth Partners, LLC

I like the Financial Planning Magazine Group for bettering myself as an advisor

Dave Grant CFP Finance for Teachers LinkedIn
I look at groups in 3 different sections:

1. Bettering myself as an advisor. Trade magazine groups, like the Financial Planning Magazine group, have the best content.

2. Finding out what my clients are looking at. This includes anything where teachers are talking, like Teacher’s Lounge, as well as superintendent and principal groups.

3. Being a better business owner. ONStartups is a fun group, as well as groups that discuss marketing or client engagement.

Dave Grant, CFP®, Finance for Teachers

What group gets YOUR vote? Weigh in here on Twitter!

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  • Eric McClain September 25, 2014, 5:56 pm

    I try to like linked in, but it’s so…boring.

    • Carolyn McRae September 25, 2014, 6:13 pm

      Ha! You’re a big user of Twitter, though, so I’m sure that supplements where LinkedIn would otherwise fit in (re: info sharing and networking). Trying to think if there’s a LinkedIn-Group-equivalent on Twitter……

      • Eric McClain September 25, 2014, 6:15 pm

        Yeah, twitter is like hanging out with friends. Linked in is like sitting in the Dr. office. Have enjoyed your hangouts. Really good and focused information.