Is LinkedIn the hot, “new” CRM tool for Advisors??

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As an advisor, your LinkedIn profile and ‘Connections’ serve as a powerhouse for business growth. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for client prospecting, receiving referrals, keeping in contact with the people in your network, and more. If you’re not on LinkedIn, read my post on how to get started in 5 steps. If you’re already set up, here’s some exciting news.

Today, LinkedIn announced the launch of LinkedIn Contacts – “A smarter way to stay in touch with your most important relationships.” The new feature is only available for select users at the moment, but will be released to everyone soon. For the majority of us who have to wait for this new tool to appear on our LinkedIn dashboard, let’s spend this time preparing how we want to use it to our full advantage. If used strategically, this new feature could be a golden key to growing your book of business.

Why you’ll love “LinkedIn Contacts”:

1) It organizes all of your activity with each contact, across platforms

The tool syncs with your address books, emails and calendars. It organizes and summarizes all of your communication with each contact and populates their profile with details about past conversations, meetings, and notes you make. This kind of organized information about your relationship with each contact will help you build more meaningful relationships with both clients and prospects. Have your second meeting with “Adam Smith” in one hour? Whip up his LinkedIn contact info to see notes from your first meeting, the interesting article he shared with you yesterday and remember who referred him to you in the first place.

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2) It notifies you when important things happen to your connections

The tool will send you alerts and/or emails when connections have birthdays, change jobs or if you haven’t reached out in a while. Take advantage of this feature so you can proactively stay on top of key opportunities to reach out to clients. Important note: These alerts include the ability to set up custom alerts. I’m getting the sense that these alerts will be incredibly powerful. Rumor has it users who have travel plans can also receive suggestions to connect with local contacts near the area. Whoa.

3) It’s all available on-the-go

Advisors are constantly on-the-go. Between client meetings, networking, and running a business, you’re a mobile bunch. “LinkedIn Contacts” will be available as it’s own mobile app. You’ll have access to all of this powerful information, on demand, wherever you are.


In short, this tool can help LinkedIn members better organize, maintain, and nurture all of their relationships. Is this possibly the new CRM solution for advisors? Perhaps. Just think about all the ways it could be helpful as an advisor.

How do YOU plan to use this new LinkedIn feature? Share in the comments below.


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