How To Get 150% More Retweets, Plus 5 Advisors Who Do It Right

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You know the feeling. retweet

You send a tweet (a really awesome one, by the way) and a minute later, get a notification that someone retweeted you.

Then one of their followers retweets it. And one of their followers ‘Favorites’ it. Before you know it, your one tweet has 6 retweets, 11 Favorites, and you’ve earned 2 new followers. Woo! Twitter success!

What if you could amplify this? Turn 6 retweets into 9? And 9 into 14? 14 into 21?

There are numerous “tricks” to growing your impact on Twitter, but this is a crazy simple one.

Turns out, tweets with images get 89% more ‘Favorites’ and 150% more retweets than tweets without (Source). That’s right. Image tweets are a powerful way to amp up your follower engagement.

And it’s really easy to do.

How To Tweet An Image:Tweeting an image

From Your Computer: Sign in to Go to compose a new tweet, as you normally would. Click on the small ‘camera’ icon and select the image you want to tweet (a photo, screenshot, etc.) from your computer files. Draft your tweet’s text and voila!

From Your Smartphone: Open your Twitter app. Go to compose a new tweet, as you normally would. If you’ve already taken the photo you want to use, simply tap the small ‘image’ icon, select the photo from your camera roll, add your text, and tweet it out. If you want to take a new photo, simply tap the small ‘camera’ icon, take a photo, select ‘Use Photo’ when you’re happy with it, add some text, and send!

This is particularly impactful for financial advisors.

Tweeting an image not only makes that one tweet stand out in your follower’s Twitter feed, it’ll also set you apart from most advisors on the platform.

Sorry to break it to you, but as a group, advisors can be very bland on Twitter. It may be because you feel like each tweet needs to be super informative and professional. You may feel like you’re on stage in front of your clients, prospects and peers, so the pressure’s on to be insightful, factual, and “perfect”.

The problem is, this kind of mindset can make image sharing feel risky. But it isn’t. In fact, sharing an image not only makes advisors come across as relatable, personable and therefore approachable,  it can also be incredibly informative. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

To show you how easy (and fun) this can be, here are 5 image tweets from advisors this month, and why they totally rocked it.

Daniel Williams (@LHPro_Annuities) tweeted this:

Why it rocks:
– Image is informative right away, 2 examples of “High-Power Poses”
– Shares tip that’s immediately useful, and useful for followers of all kinds
– Daniel adds an additional piece of advice in his tweet text – “Never Cross Your Arms”

Michael Kitces (@MichaelKitces) tweeted this:

Why it rocks:
– Curates interesting information that’s relevant to a Twitter audience
– Michael took a screenshot of this key info from the article, so we get immediate value without clicking
– Tags two other users, upping his chance at a retweet

Jason Wenk (@jasonwenk) tweeted this:

Why it rocks:
– Shows support for a new software company, Wealthbox, who’s featuring his story
– Tongue-in-cheek caption matches Jason’s approachable, relatable brand
– Uses #hashtags to identify what Wealthbox is (CRM) and why he’s a fan (simplicity, sophistication)

FYI – Blueleaf is integrated with Wealthbox! Users can get going in minutes.
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Anna Sergunina (@ASergunina) tweeted this:

Why it rocks:
– The internet loves photos of puppies, cats, and babies. Period.
– Fun update for her followers, introducing a “new assistant”
– Great example of a personal-yet-professional tweet

Bill Winterberg (@BillWinterberg) tweeted this:

Why it rocks:
– Seized a moment of “waiting” to connect with followers
– Content is relevant to Bill’s tech-savvy brand
– Text is conversational and friendly

Show off your “image tweet”!

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