How much Apple ($AAPL) stock do you REALLY own?

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Question: How much Apple stock do you own?

Answer: “None” you say. WRONG. It turns out this is another important question that’s hard to answer…unless you’re using Blueleaf.

Why it’s hard to find out

You could just look up the stocks you own, and find out how many shares of AAPL you have. And if you don’t own Apple stock you’re done, right? Well…not quite.

What about the mutual funds you own? Do you know the which stocks are in each, and how much?

As John mentioned in an earlier post, one way — and perhaps the best way unless you want to pay for the data — is to look up the fund on the web, and go to town with your favorite spreadsheet application.

For example, you could look up Fidelity Magellan Fund on MSN Money and see the 25 largest holdings in the fund. Fortunately for this example, Apple is the second-largest holding in the fund, so at least we can see what fraction of an FMAGX holding is in Apple. But what if you wanted to check some other stock? That list only includes the top 25, and in fact there are 236 stocks held by the fund.

Now go through that process for every fund you own, in every account. Yum.

The Better Way with Blueleaf

With your accounts set up on Blueleaf, here’s how you answer the same question:

1. Log into Blueleaf and go to What you Own.

2. Click on “Company” and you’ll see all the companies you own — including what’s inside the mutual funds:

3. Find the stock you’re looking for, and (if needed) expand it to see how much of that company you really own, and where you own it:

In the example accounts I used to take those screenshots, the total stock holding came to just over $2000 of Apple from 6 different mutual funds, representing 1.7% of the total portfolio. And you can use the left-hand sidebar to find out how much Apple you own in all of your accounts, in specific groups of accounts, or in individual accounts.

So, whether it’s to better understand your financial exposure, or to better align your investments with your social responsibilities, there’s no longer any reason to wait to find out how much of any company you really own.

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John is the co-founder and CEO of Blueleaf and is an active startup advisor. He is also an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive. As part of 6 founding teams, he has led the product management, marketing, and finance functions. His background in banking and wealth management has shaped the vision for Blueleaf.