Dear Advisor: Let’s make referrals interesting.

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The following is part of Blueleaf’s The “Dear Advisor” Campaign, encouraging open collaboration and service innovation in the financial industry like never before.

headshot aaron staffordLetters are submitted by members of the general public who, at all stages of life, have an honest message to share with you. Let’s redefine what “value to my client” means.

Aaron Stafford is a partner at SB Capstone, LLC, and a real estate investor. He’s passionate about connecting FO’s, HNW, and UHNW investors with private projects that aren’t ordinarily available to the public.

Dear Advisor,

I am writing to you in an effort to help you better understand the type of relationship I am looking for in my financial advisor.

First, I want to be working with an advisor that has my needs as priority, not the quick fee they are getting from acquiring my account. This comes down to having an advisor that has a long term view of the relationship between us.

Additionally, I hold a value in networking and meeting new people, as it is crucial for the success of entrepreneurs. I am looking for an advisor that is willing to make introductions to people who may be of help to me, or people who I may be of help to. This meshes well with my first point. If an advisor is passionate about the financial success of their client, they will take the relationship beyond advising on market happenings.

An advisor that can see the bigger picture will see that making the correct connections for their client may help the client produce a bigger account. Personally, I am not relying solely on market upside to obtain my wealth. Instead, I am relying on my hard work, which, if you are interested in, you will be able to help me obtain.

I hope advisors can start seeing their job as more than obtaining big accounts. Instead, I wish they start helping people create big accounts in ways other than capital markets—networking. At that point, I will be delighted to refer you to my network. See? Win-win!

Your potential client

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