Cover Bands, Robo-Advisors, and Turkey Break-Ins – #Blueleafing Roundup

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This Week’s Blueleafing Roundup

Advisors: Don’t Take a Vacation this Summer from Communicating with Clientswild-turkey_765_600x450

(via Practically Speaking) — When we gather #Blueleafing posts, we celebrate the practices of the best advisors around. Ongoing client communication is a vital component in client satisfaction – how do you add up?

Wonder if people read your LinkedIn status updates?

(via Investment Writing) — Are you a social media savvy advisor? If so – How can you tell if your posts are gaining any traction? If not, why not? This article can be applied to ANY social network – not just LinkedIn!

Cover Bands

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(via Research Puzzle) – There are a lot of “cover bands” in the marketplace today. How can we produce unique ideas in today’s less-than-creative economy?

3 Ways Financial Advisors Must Change To Survive The Commoditization Of Robo-Advisors

(via Nerd’s Eye View) — We’re all aware of the robo-advisors. A real, human advisor is something that can’t be replaced – but how can our businesses survive the growing popularity of this new technology?

The True Tale of the Turkey Break-In (and Other Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund)

(via Gen Y) — What would you do if a wild turkey broke into your house? Good #Blueleafing advisors are prepared for any emergency. What can you do to make sure you – and your clients – are ready for any emergency?

Articles For Clients

Here are 4 articles for you to Tweet, email or otherwise share with clients.   Why share content? Client engagement correlates with advisor growth.

– How to Give Your Grandkids a Head Start (Paying for College Education) (via Fidelity Viewpoints)
7 Things to Always Do Before Buying a Home (via USNews)
 What You Don’t Know About Social Security—but Should (via Wall Street Journal)
 You Could Live to 100: How to Plan for a Long Retirement(via Fox Money)


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