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NPR Exposes How These Americans Really Feel About Retirement Planning and Why

NPR Exposes How These Americans Really Feel About Retirement Planning and Why

Like most advisors, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how the general public was feeling about retirement until I read the 85+ comments spurred by this post on NPR’s Facebook fan page.

Here’s what NPR asked:

Post by NPR.


One might think the comments would be split evenly between (i) those who have saved enough for retirement and (i) those who have not.…

NextGen Investors Demand Advisors Use a Client Portal

NextGen Investors Demand Advisors Use a Client Portal

Pierre Bossaert, Vice President of Product at Fiserv, recently wrote an article entitled, “Advisors Must Expand Product Offerings and Approach”. In the piece, Bossaert addresses one of the most imminent challenges faced by the financial services industry today: How can advisors remain relevant to “NextGen” investors? NextGen (Gen X + Gen Y) investors are a vastly different breed than the Baby Boomer generation most advisors have grown accustomed to working with.…

3 Tips To Help Liz Lemon Reach Retirement

3 Tips To Help Liz Lemon Reach Retirement

30 Rock and Roth?

Yesterday, before my favorite Thursday night NBC shows aired, I outlined this post. It was all about the lack of financial literacy in this country, most apparent in our youth, and how the education system isn’t doing much about it, etcetera, etcetera. But it didn’t get much further than that… Until 30 Rock came on, and, much to my roommates surprise, I whipped out my notebook and started writing down quotes.…

VIDEO: Reinventing Finance… One Startup At A Time

Our friend Sean Park delivered an excellent presentation at Lift 12 on the future of finance. His prediction: the finance industry is at the beginning of a revolution. A startup-driven paradigm shift in the industry. The reinvention of finance is happening now, and Sean’s meta-startup Anthemis Group is partially responsible.

Anthemis is a startup that invests in startups, specifically ones that aim to disrupt the industry (Blueleaf included).…

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Can The U.S.

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