Will the iWatch Change Financial Advisor Technology?

Will the iWatch Change Financial Advisor Technology?

iwatch 300x300Back when the smartphone (iPhone et al.) came out, various apps revolutionized how users managed their money. They were able to move away from the computer or visiting a bank, and manage their financial lives from a mobile device. With the introduction of the Apple iWatch to accompany the iPhone, apps that are on an iPhone can now also be used from the iWatch.…

Stephen Rhodes Successful Advisor at Strategic Partners Wealth Management

Stephen Rhodes On His Champion Client Strategy

Stephen Rhodes Strategic Partners Wealth Management

You want to help your clients feel like champions, right? Of course! Coaching and advising your clients so that they are financial superstars? Definitely, yes. And when those clients recommend you to their friends … You can all be champions, and create some serious growth for your business as well.

Stephen Rhodes, successful advisor and founder of Signify Wealth in Missouri, knows this first hand because his clients, which include professional football and baseball players, are actually world champions themselves.…

Designing the Review Meeting of Your Client's Dreams

Designing the Review Meeting of Your Client’s Dreams

Client Review Meeting

Throughout my career as a financial planner, I’ve tried many approaches at streamlining the task of setting up and getting data for client review meetings. This has been as simple as a brief phone call, but this can sometimes lead to a lack of data. On the other end, it has been as in-depth as requesting copies of a client’s statements and re-iterating their goals, but then the work would be too much for clients and I would get the silent treatment.…

financial planning software for easier operations

Financial Planning Software that Makes Plan Operations Pain Free

financial planning software for easier operationsI’m going to vocalize a secret that I’m sure many financial planners have:

I love finding new clients and designing their plans with them, but I find the implementation of these plans tedious.

If you’re reading this by yourself and feel this way, throw a fist pump in the air, “Yes! It’s not just me.” However, if you happen to be reading in this in the presence of other financial planners, just shake your head and say, “He obviously doesn’t care about his clients.”…

Periscope for Wealth Management business

What Is #Periscope, and How Can It Help Your Practice?

Periscope for Wealth Management businessIf you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, no worries – it hasn’t been out long and is only just being used by larger brands. It has a rival competitor called Meerkat (amongst other smaller apps), but as Twitter now owns Periscope, it may become a larger name in this space.

Knowing advisors and technology, it’ll be over three years before most people consider using it!…

Win More Clients With THIS Pricing Model

Win More Clients With THIS Pricing Model

“I’ve interviewed three firms: one said I didn’t meet their minimum, the other had a huge fee for just managing my investments, and the last claimed most of their work is done for free but they use some select products. Even I’m not that dumb. Is your whole industry so arrogant and f*&$ing confusing?”

Sound familiar?

Our profession (financial planning and investment management) is open to the rich. …

Why it's OK to Lose Business to a Robo-Advisor

Why it’s OK to Lose Business to a Robo-Advisor

robot-handshakeIn the summer of 2013, I fielded a prospect call from a teacher and her husband. They were in their mid-30s, cleaning up some outstanding issues in their financial situation and ready to start planning for their future. They were well educated (both having Master’s degrees), had a solid combined income, and were well versed on financial matters.…

Find Your Next 10 Clients Without Trying

Find Your Next 10 Clients Without Trying

freeIf you read last month’s post about creating automatic emails to your prospects, you’ll have noticed I glossed over how to get these prospects onto your mailing list in order to receive those emails. Let’s discuss that today.

For discussion’s sake, let’s say you are going to be offering your prospect a guidebook outlining some of your advice on a financial topic.…

5 Wordpress Plugins Your Site is Missing

5 WordPress Plugins Your Site is Missing

For financial advisors who manage their own WordPress website, the plugins that are available can significantly improve the look and functionality of your site. But what one’s should you use?

Here’s the top 5 that I’m using right now, having reviewed and used many since launching my site.


Every website with a blog that allows comments, should have a spam comment blocker.…