Can you relate? “We throw marketing stuff out there, but engagement is low…”

Last week’s marketing session addressed a big, overwhelming challenge:

“We’re throwing content out there, but not getting any response back. We’re getting ‘Likes’ on Facebook… but we have ZERO engagement with those people. I feel like our strategy right now is throwing content out there, but not knowing what to do.”

– Aaron Britz, RIA, CEO and President of Legacy Wealth Management, a fee-only financial planning firm

Do you relate?

Here's what the financial industry is REALLY checking on LinkedIn...

Here’s what the financial industry is REALLY checking on LinkedIn…

LinkedIn is important.

Blah, blah.

Our industry talks about LinkedIn allllll the time. But what are REAL users doing with LinkedIn?

linkedin-groups-for-advisorsTurns out, real users find that LinkedIn groups are incredibly valuable. Groups have become a go-to platform for chatting with peers, learning new skills, staying relevant with specific news, and much more. Begs the question: What groups are the best??

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Do Less, Deliver More: Lessons from the Tortoise and the Hare

Slow and Steady Wins the (Advising) Race

In today’s society, we all want things done quickly.

We want webpages to load in the blink of the eye. We want the waitress to bring our dinners minutes after we order. We want to go on a diet and be at our goal weight the next week.

We want immediate gratification. We want to see results now, even if we know it isn’t realistic.…

How To Dress Professionally in a Non-Suit Environment

How To Dress Professionally in a Non-Suit Environment

Sex-and-the-City-2-001We’ve all heard the same tired advice about what to wear to the office. In some corners it rises to the level of religious argument about what it means to be business casual. And it’s certainly gotten more challenging to make the right choices given that the traditional business suit isn’t such an obvious option. Even venerable institutions like the Institute of Directors in London have experimented with “… jeans, T-shirts, shorts and all variants of footwear.”…

How Blueleaf Put Advisor Katie Stokes in the WSJ

How Blueleaf Put Advisor Katie Stokes in the WSJ

New software can be thrilling to learn about, fun to try, turn out to be “exactly what you’ve been waiting for” and change your business for the better.

This is NOT how Katie’s story started.

Effortless Client Communications

I called Katie Stokes, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning at J.E. Wilson Advisors, to say thanks after she raved to The Wall Street Journal about her Blueleaf.…

How To Speak The Language of a Prospect

How To Speak The Language of a Prospect

Everyone wants financial advice.

It’s just the truth.

Even you, a person in the business of giving financial advice, go out looking for information and guidance from others in the industry.

It really is indisputable – everyone could use what you’re selling. So why do some of your conversations with prospects feel… hard? If they want financial advice, shouldn’t each conversation be seamless and easy?…