Making Your About Page A Conversion Supercharger

Is Your About Page Memorable

or Just ‘Meh’?

Is your About page working for you? Does it just sit there like a wallflower or help fill your client dance card?

“About” is a standard section on every website so it tends to get overlooked. That’s too bad because in terms of your site traffic and search engines, the About page typically ranks right up there with the home page.…

Blueleaf Advisor – The Evolution

The reason I believe in Blueleaf — and the reason we started the company — is to help people in the middle, people like our Blueleaf team, with their long-term finances. We want to give them transparency and a complete view of their money that helps make everything clear and simple to understand. It started as a “make something useful for us” strategy.…

Why Jerry Maguire is Wrong

Why Jerry Maguire is Wrong

“And suddenly it was all pretty clear. The answer was fewer clients.” — Jerry Maguire

Translation: “I’m abandoning the people who need me the most for the clients who can afford to pay a lot for my time.”


 Some advisors would agree, finding the logic simple and obvious:

My business is dependent on heavy personal contact, so I can’t just keep bringing in more and more clients.