How an Advisor Grew from $0 to $1.3B AUM

How an Advisor Grew from $0 to $1.3B AUM

Growing a financial advisory business for scratch is hard. It takes long hours and persistence.

Creating a high growth advisory business is even harder. It takes new thinking and outstanding execution to create a service that is much better at meeting client needs than alternatives.

Here’s how one high growth advisor created his rocket ship.

Jason Wenk’s story.

Defeating The Silent Advisor Killer

Defeating The Silent Advisor Killer

Is this viewpoint nuts?money burning

Recently I wrote about the Silent Advisor Killer – Cost of Acquiring Clients (CAC). In the discussion that followed, there were a number of advisors that disagreed with worrying about the relationship between CAC and the first year margin (FYM) earned from a client. An argument against the importance of the relationship between CAC and FYM went like this:

Bryan’s comment:

I hope my competition views it this way.

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Making Centers of Influence Work: Conversation with an experienced advisor

“I send clients to them and nothing comes back”

This week, we got a question from an advisor (initials “RD”) who read our whitepaper on “Why Referral Marketing Failed You and How to Fix It”. I expect lots of advisors have the same question on finding centers or influence to work with.

If you’ve ever thought, ‘How do I find an accountant to work with?’ or have limited yourself to only those professionals who don’t already have a relationship with an advisor, then you’re missing the huge value of centers of influence. You should read on.

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Below, with the advisor’s permission, we’ve shared the conversation he had with John Prendergast, CEO of Blueleaf. Get ready… times are a-changin’.

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“How do I find accountants who are interested?”

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The Silent Advisor Killer ...

The Silent Advisor Killer …

One equation to rule them all

A simple equation governs the success of any business

money burning

LTV – CAC > 0.

Violate this rule and your advisory business dies.

CAC= Cost of Acquiring Clients. It’s less understood than LTV (Lifetime Value of a client) but it governs your fate as an advisor and is responsible for 4/5ths of new advisors washing out of the business.…

Two must-have client communication elements you might be missing

Two must-have client communication elements you might be missing

Similar numbers, different meaning

Client reporting is tricky. Reporting tools, client portals, your own presentation formats – they all present information in different ways and spur different reactions from clients. Some good, some not so much.

How information is presented (how it’s organized, what is highlighted, what is absent) has a huge impact on how clients interpret and feel about the information you provide.…

How to Get More Referrals

How to Get More Referrals

success v failure Referrals are invaluable to your growing practice. Trouble is, most advisors struggle to build a profitable referral network. There are tips and tricks you can do today to increase your referrals tomorrow. What’s the secret sauce, you ask?

“Engineering strong referral value doesn’t require a magic wand. It does, however, require putting yourself into the referrer’s shoes and thinking of ways to make their lives simpler, better and more valuable.…

Telling Stories Part II: Know Your Story

Telling Stories Part II: Know Your Story

Everyone wants your story…

Facebook was probably the first social network to figure out that humans crave a good story. And thus Timeline was born, giving us context (in the form of cover photo and timeline) over which to lay all of our little plot-points (statuses, pictures, notes, new friends, etc.) so that our digital stories are easier to comprehend.…

Center of Influence Marketing for Advisors Made Simple

Here is the latest idea from the field: Use the Blueleaf Sharing feature to drive your center of influence marketing strategy.

You know all about center of influence marketing and how working with other professionals like accountants and attorneys can drive great referrals. You also know it can be a huge waste of time with no near-term payoff.…