Advisor marketing

3 Steps to Turn Your Advisor Website into a Prospect Magnet

One of our recent blog posts demonstrated how high growth financial advisors are growing their businesses by making a prospect feel like a client and delivering value even before they are signed up.

The challenge that remains is how to attract the right prospects and get them to make the initial contact.

Advisor marketing

After referrals, the most cost-effective way to attract new clients today is digital marketing.…

Landing page example for financial advisors

Getting an F on Growth? Here’s How Superstar Financial Advisors Do It

Blueleaf has a team dedicated to customer success, creatively called the Customer Success team. As part of what we do, we look for customers that are crushing their business objectives [by using Blueleaf] so we can teach other advisors how to do it too.

Customer Success team at Blueleaf help financial advisors win

Our Customer Success team talks with these advisors often to find out what they are doing that is working so well.…

Perfectionist Advisors Can Finally “Get it Done” with MAT Model

So you’re a perfectionist.

That’s good, right? Eh, sometimes.

Perfectionists tend to love numbers (think: investments, risk analysis, even billing calculations) and may even get some weird high from triple-checking their manual data entry work. But perfectionism is creative cryptonite (think: writing, emailing, branding).

I recently hosted a one-on-one marketing coaching session with PJ Wallin, a Blueleaf user and self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’ who’s trying to up his marketing game and grow his fee-only business.…

20 Stylish Videos explain Economics, Taxes, Recessions & more

20 Stylish Videos explain Economics, Taxes, Recessions & more

We talk a lot about the economy.

But explaining it clearly to non-finance folk can be difficult, and it’s nearly impossible to make the conversation interesting. Until now.

Meet ‘WeTheEconomy’.

Leading economic experts decided to tackle 20 essential questions about the U.S. economy in a brand new way. Teaming up with award-winning directors, they produced a thought-provoking short film series to educate people about important (but sometimes dry) topics through comedy, animation, and scripted films.…

Can you explain 'Derivatives' in simple terms?

Can you explain ‘Derivatives’ in simple terms?

Marvin emailed me. Money-words

I had to pause.

He was responding to the Explain Jargon to Clients Tool I shared with him. The tool helps advisors explain common financial jargon in ‘human words’ people can actually understand.

What about ‘derivatives’? After some thought (and consulting some of the Blueleaf team), I replied with this idea:

A financial derivative is just a contract which has a value that is “derived” from the value of other assets the contract is tied to.…

Do you own a job or a REAL business? The difference for financial advisors

Do you own a job or a REAL business? The difference for financial advisors

Do you own a business, or a job?

Most financial advisors either want a business they can “grow old with”, OR a business they will be able to eventually sell.

Most advisors have merely created a job — not a business.

The line between owning a job and owning a business is relatively defined, but many struggle to decipher between the two.…

My Client Died and One Simple Question From His Family Changed My Business

My Client Died and One Simple Question From His Family Changed My Business

Foggy Bridge

The first time one of my clients died was July 2008.

He was my “most difficult” client.  He asked the difficult and time consuming questions.  He wanted to learn and understand the deepest details about what we did.  Despite his attention and mine, neither of us expected what happened next.

The phone call I received that day was from his step-son.  …

Getting Clients to Go "All In" with Held-Away Assets

Getting Clients to Go “All In” with Held-Away Assets

“I’m all in,” said Mr. Jones.

Hold on a minute people. I see all you poker players reaching for your chips… this isn’t a game of Hold’em. These are the words of a client when he’s found the advisor he can trust to manage ALL of his assets. When used in this context, these three words may as well come with sunshine, a beach and a margarita… because to most advisors, this is heaven.…

Getting ROI from Account Aggregation in Two Basic Steps

Getting ROI from Account Aggregation in Two Basic Steps

Account aggregation costs money. And is not “necessary” to run a basic financial advisory business. So why do advisors bother with it? For the same reason that anyone takes action: the pros outweigh the cons. There’s a positive ROI. Let’s look at how advisors are making the cost of account aggregation “worth it” and how you can, too.…