Louis CK, Financial Literacy, & Facts vs. Beliefs — #Blueleafing Roundup

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This Week’s Blueleafing Roundup

Louis CK’s 70% Rule for Decision Making

(via The Billfold) — Louis CK discusses his personal rule for decision making. It’s a simple solution for an overwhelming problem: the wait for a perfect decision when there isn’t always one.

A Commitment to Truthbanner for #Blueleafing Roundup FINAL

(via Above the Market) — In the world of financial advising, it’s crucial that advisors (and clients) are able to separate facts from beliefs. This article [and visual] addresses the difficulty in dealing with behavioral and cognitive bias.

Ready to Raise Awareness and Encourage Financial Literacy?

(via Gen Y Planning) — How can we begin to encourage financial literacy to our clients, and be as transparent as possible? Gen Y Planning presents an awesome infographic.

How to Find Your Niche as a Financial Advisor

(via Nerd’s Eye View) — One of the toughest parts of being a financial planner is standing out. This article gives some inspiration on how to find your own way to be remarkable in your own way.

Financial Advisor Introduction Strategy

(via Wealth Management .com) — #Blueleafing advisors reduce friction and add scalability to daily activities. Wealth Management offers a breakdown guide of an important one: how to come to your first meeting with a client fully prepared and strategized.

Why Are Americans So Bad With Money?

(via The Atlantic) — Perhaps this article can give you inspiration on how to help clients avoid common pitfalls. The Atlantic explores why the financial know-how of most Americans stinks. And is there a way to help them?

Articles For Clients

Here are 4 articles for you to Tweet, email or otherwise share with clients.
      Why share content? Client engagement correlates with advisor growth.

– [Video] Understanding target date retirement funds (via CNBC)
– How to tell if the health plan you have is right for you (via USNews)
– 401(k) Withdrawals Should Not Be Your Emergency Fund (via Forbes)
– Baby on the way? Time to make a budget (via CNN Money)

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