Blog Carnival: Weekly Link Round-up for January 7 and 14, 2010

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Enjoy two weeks worth of relevant and creative links below.

Tax Strategies Using ETFs – Cafe Tax

Emerging Market Risks – Oblivious Investor

Why Your Tax Withholding Went Up – Bargaineering

How Important Is Income Diversification? -Passive Income Now

Is The Stock Market Rigged?? – Out Of Your Rut

Smoothing Out Market Fluctuations Using Dollar Cost Averaging – Spruce Up Your Finances

Two Top Stock Strategists Cautious On Economy, Bullish On Stocks – Guru Investor

Should You And Your Spouse Combine Money – Consumerism Commentary

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) – Consumerism Commentary

Don’t Get Rich Any Slower Than You Have To – Get Rich Slowly

Disclosure At The Center Of Fiduciary Tug Of War – Investment News

How To Ace Tough Job Interviews – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Jobless Rate Drops To 9.4% – But What’s The REAL deal? – Darwin’s Finance

Art Funds Return – Felix Salmon

Unemployment Has Doubled: Ratio Increase By State, Surprisingly Consistent – Rortybomb

Housing: The See-No-Evil Muddle-Through Approach – Felix Salmon

Economic Arithmetic – Crooked Timber – John Quiggin Posterous

Does This Count As Market Timing? – Oblivious Investor

The Bill Daily Problem – Baseline Scenario

A Simple Way To Boost Returns And Lower Volatility – Amateur Asset Allocator

Some Taxpayers May Have To Wait Longer To File in 2011 – Cafe Tax

Microsoft’s Kinect Is Much More Than A Game – Motley Fool

Why Is The U.S. Taxpayer Subsidizing Facebook – And The Next Bubble? – Baseline Scenario

On Carbon Pricing – David Anthony VC

Increasing Investment Returns By Cutting Costs – Frugal Dad

Unique IRA Withdrawal Penalty Solution – Wealth Pilgrim

How To Interview A Financial Planner – Cash Money Life

2011 Tax Bracket Changes Announced By The IRS – 20 Something Finance

Market Regulations Reducing Productivity – Barel Karsan

5 Billionaires Skated Death Tax – Bargineering

Kids Play In The Stock Market, Adults Go Elsewhere – Consumerism Commentary

Hedge Funds Using Twitter Traffic – Can You Exploit This? – Darwin’s Finance

ETF List Extreme – 894 Funds Ranked By YTD Return – Darwin’s Finance

Venture Capital And Smart Grid – David Anthony VC

Disclosure Rules For Economists – Baseline Scenario

Modern Portfolio Theory: Building A Well-Diversified Portfolio – The Smarter Wallet

Why Dividend Investing Will Become The Trend In 2011 – The Dividend Guy

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